Recent Projects – Large and Small

People ask me all the time Mike, what kind of work do you do?”.  

My answer is always the same. “I help make the K-W beautiful one street at a time”.

I’m a Kitchener guy and I love everything about this city. I spent 3 years in British Columbia after high school and the one thing that really stood out were the stunning year round gardens. I moved back to Ontario in 1992 and started this business doing exactly what the name says – Odds ‘n Ends. My customers came from a weekly Ad in the PennySaver. 

I became extremely proficient at mowing lawns and despite the menial nature of the work, I treated every lawn as if I were the Groundskeeper at a Golf Course. I upgraded from my red Geo Metro hatchback to a truck and trailer but I remained a one-man operation for several years.

Now, I am extremely proud to say 75% of my business comes from referrals. Sometimes a neighbour will just watch us work all day from across the street. I love that because that is where my teams really stand out. To me, that is the best kind of Performance Appraisal in the world and I take so much pride knowing our crews have passed the “rigorous neighbour test”. 

My Crews absolutely love what they do and that attitude and work ethic reflects this. We have a lot of fun and we take tremendous pride in taking forgotten spaces at the side or back of a property and making it into a peaceful retreat for our customer. 

Take a look at our shop, our trailers, trucks and jobsites. Our tools and equipment are always neatly stacked and parked in a straight line. 

Does that matter to you? Of course it does! My tools, trucks and equipment are a reflection of our business and my personal reputation. They are well-maintained and organized. That attitude is carried over into our daily work and those details all add up to a beautiful job and a happy customer.

It’s been a wonderful journey building this little grass-cutting business into a well -established Annual Property Maintenance company. Three of my immediate family have joined the team. I am extremely grateful to have such super people behind me.

Whatever your needs – be it Commercial, Residential Maintenance, Lawncare, Snow plow or just a one time garden project – please have a look through my work and decide for yourself if we are the right team for you.

I give you my word – 

“We show up on time, we take care of our tools and we clean up our mess. I am passionate about sticking to old fashioned business principles – work hard, be honest, tell the truth and do your very best each and every day.”

So, in short, that’s what I do every day.


Michael Keelan


OddsnEnds Property Management

Your perfect retreat awaits.

Whatever you require, we’d love the chance to talk to you about it.