Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Odds ‘n Ends does it ALL!

Please find some examples of the services Odds ‘n Ends provides and for which our Crews are properly trained and equipped to perform. We use the correct tools and equipment to carry out the work and all too often this critical point is overlooked when choosing a Contractor.

We are Fully Insured with Liability and WSIB coverage and proof of this is readily available when we meet.

If your lawn is healthy, vibrant green and lush – you may want to look at our Lawn Rolling and Bi-Annual Aerating service.

If your lawn is old, tired and yellow, it may be time to look at what’s under the grass itself. The roots give us a very good look into the source of the problem. Don’t just water and apply weed killer if you haven’t inspected the lawn.

For Exterior Property Maintenance, the best thing you can do is a thorough walk-around of the house from front to back and top to bottom to make sure everything is in good working order. Sometimes a loose screw on a downspout is the source of the basement leak and it is such a simple fix.

My job is to give you back the enjoyment of living in your home and leave the annual inspection and routine maintenance up to us.

Have a look through some of these services and give me a call if you have any questions.


Michael Keelan

226 220 5510

Lawn Rolling

Ontario Winter causes shifting of the ground with all the freeze and thaw temperature swings, the “post-winter bumpy lawn”  results.

Our Spring Lawn Rolling service will remove these bumps and smooth out the ground to a nice level surface for you to enjoy.

Stand across the street and look at your lawn.

Do you see little bumps and gulleys?

Time to call Mike and get the golf course lawn your neighbour’s will envy.

Dethatching –  the Proper Way

Removing thatch is one of the most beneficial things for your lawn. But if not done properly,  it will totally destroy it.

Dethatching by hand can be done, but this is extremely time-consuming and tedious and often causes severe damage.

Our De-thatching machine is specifically designed to remove the thatch from below the lawn surface without destroying the delicate root system.

Core Aeration

The healthiest lawns have a strong, established deep root structure.

Weeds, Crabgrass and Thatch all detract from a beautiful lawn.

Aerating alleviates the soil compaction and lets the air, water and nutrients get down to the roots.

Depending on the state of your lawn, consider Core Aeration annually or at least every other year.

Forgotten Space Beautification

Do you have a side entrance that no one ever uses? Is there a section in your yard that is forgotten and overlooked?

Odds ‘n Ends takes these small sections and creates low-maintenance pathways which are functional and eye-catching.

Walk around your yard and see if you have one of these spaces – we would love to give it a total transformation.

 Small Space Garden Beds

Many people are looking for a simple garden that doesn’t need too much space and is easy to maintain. We build and prepare the garden boxes – you water and putter away. Most townhouse and semi-detached backyards have enough space for this concept and you still have room for patio entertaining.

Your Inner Gardener within will enjoy the bounty from Spring to Fall.

Pre-Orders being accepted.

3 Season Flower Garden

After the winter – Enjoy the Flowers!

Every Gardener knows the constant enjoyment Perennials bring year after year.

Curbside Appeal Front Garden

Lush green front lawn contrast with a rich, dark soil or mulch takes a simple space into a show stopper.

Spring Cleanup

De-clutter your backyard and get rid of unsightly debris. Our guys do it all!

Backyard Drainage Issues

Every year, the snowpack melts and then the Spring rains come when the ground is still frozen.

Keeping this run-off away from your foundation and out of the basement is critical.

Building a proper drainage path is a pro-active approach and saves horrible unexpected flooding.

Backyard Rock Firepit

Nothing says summer-time like a backyard campfire. City of Kitchener allows fire-pits. We can make one for you as simple or complex as you desire, with pea-gravel ground covering perimeter for proper safety measures.

Lawn Replacement – Fresh Cut Sod

A healthy lush green lawn makes a beautiful statement. Our Sod is cut-to-order fresh from a local family sod farm.

Snow Plow Services

Parking Space Snowbank Cleanout

Commercial snow removal and salting

Your perfect retreat awaits.

Whatever you require, we’d love the chance to talk to you about it.